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Heat Seal Machine

To press personalized clothing labels, go with a legendary name.

Anyone can add identification labels to garments, but can it be done quickly, easily, and efficiently? Will the applications last? The answers are “yes” if you use the Stahls’ Hotronix® LowRider heat-seal machine.

This unit is specifically designed to create and print labels, names, and bar codes for any type of item. The easy slide-on, slide-off design and clean engineering means no greasy parts or rough edges to dirty or snag clothing. Plus, the exclusive Auto Opening feature ensures no burned clothes and allows the operator to multi-task. If you want a heat-seal machine that’s ideal for label or patch application and can handle high production volumes, choose the industry’s most reliable name – Hotronix.

This heat-seal machine includes three interchangeable lower platens for printing odd-sized garments or for adding labels to difficult-to-reach areas of garments where a larger platen won’t fit. Stahls’ Hotronix – the hardest-working, most dependable heat presses in the world.
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    Stahls' Hotronix heat-seal machines offer the world's most advanced features:

    • Patented magnetic assisted lockdown
      with Auto-Open release
    • Fully digital time/temperature controls
    • Live pressure display
    • Patented over-the-center pressure adjustment
    • 3/4" non-stick coated heat platen
    • Space-saving clam shell design
    • Premium warranty
    • IL/ULC/CS/RoHS compliant
    • Electrical Options:
      120 v; 3 amps; 360 w
      240 v; 1.5 amps; 360 w
    • 3 interchangeable platens included. Made
      specifically for the label printing industry